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Quiénes Somos

Our Staff

Selene Cortes-Ramos has successfully completed the RIE Foundation Intensive Course as well as the PITC Infant/Toddler Group Care Course. She has real life experience raising three wonderful children of her own.  Selene has a background in the Culinary Arts as well as extensive experience in Human Resources. She is passionate about plants, food, and learning. She is constantly looking for opportunities to expand her education in child development as she is committed to always provide the best care possible.

Our Philosophy

Research shows that high quality responsive care and physical touch supports a healthy brain development. These connections shape and affect how children learn, think, and see the world around them. It is the day-to-day care routines that plant and develop life long skills such as communication, self-control, and relationship building.

Bloom & Grow Infant Care is a place where we strive to meet the physical and emotional needs of our young children. We do this by creating a bond that consist of routine and play. Peaceful observation - getting down on their level and watching them unfold.

Our research-based program ensures an open and safe home-like environment that has been strategically designed for infants. Respecting their time to explore, experiment, discover, and the freedom of movement within a secure space.



What Parents Say

Xiadani Miranda

Besides grandma (my mom), Selene has always been our go to whenever we need someone to help us take care of our little ones. She is the kindest human we have ever met and we wouldn't trust our kids to anyone else. Our littles get super excited whenever we tell them they are going to Selene's house. Her daycare facility is like a dream come true for them. She has all kinds of fun and interesting toys and our kids have become best friends with her kids. They are part of our family now. They are genuine people who care about others and she will always go the extra mile to make sure you know they care about you and your family. We love the Cortes-Ramos family!

Elizabeth Toscano

Due to my mother-in-law going away for a few months, I was in a bind and needed to find care ASAP. I contacted Selene to see if she would be able to care for my baby girl and thankfully she had availability. My daughter can be super shy since we have not had the ability to socialize her very much since she was born in the middle of the pandemic. Selene showed patience and encouragement to my baby girl and soon enough she was already feeling confident and happy to be in a different environment. So thankful to have found Selene in such a bind and thankful to have my baby in caring hands.

Analia Cortes

My daughter’s excitement grows as we drive up to Bloom&Grow Infant Care. She truly enjoys being there. Which lets me know how she’s treated. We receive photos of their adventures for the day. I love that they’re not your typical child care. She genuinely cares about the development of your child. They go on outdoor walks, art sessions, and have delicious homemade meals.  Only down side is they only care for your child up to 2.5 years old. Wish my little could stay with her forever.

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